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Coyote Valley Resort in Morgan Hill, CA

14 nights June -July, 2019 - $1072.69

Coyote Valley Resort is located on a 4 lane highway with a barricade in the middle, so to enter from the North you have to make a U-Turn about 1 mile south, this is impossible with a full size truck & especially pulling a trailer. Plan ahead to enter from the South. There is no gate into the park and there is no security. There his also no after hours/emergency number for any issues that come up after the office closes.

We checked in on a Saturday, Ashley did allow us to check in about 30 minutes early and did not charge us the early check in fee. She was friendly & helpful. Jeff helped us back into our spot - he is also really nice. The park is clean & well maintained. The road is NOISY. It is a highway, cars are driving really fast - the road is in horrible shape and there are no noise breaks between the park and the highway.

Our first night was Saturday, and we could not drown out the sounds of drag racing. At about 11:00 pm 10-15 young adults pulled up in front of our site to load up a car on a flatbed trailer. They were loud, revving their engines, drinking beer - leaning on our cars & our trailer for about 45 minutes. Remember - no security at the park, so no one to call unless we called 911.

On Monday morning the park?s sewer system started backing up all over our site. and covered everything that was touching the ground in raw sewage. With no emergency contact, after hours number or security guards, my only option was to leave a voicemail for the front office. After waiting for a little more than an hour with no reply, I went to the office and let the front desk lady (I think her name is Kristy) know about the sewer backup and was met with blank stares/eye rolling and a generally uncaring, horrible attitude.

After another hour I was informed by the maintenance guys that the sewage wouldn?t be stopped/cleaned up until sometime around noon, but we were probably going to be approved to pack up and move to another site (maybe, the office hadn?t figured out if there was a site available yet). I let them know that our truck was not available to move our trailer that morning and was told that they could probably move our trailer for us, but the office staff said we couldn?t tell Elaine (the owner of the park).

After dealing with the smell and the grossness of it all for over 2 1/2 hours, I finally loaded up my kids and went to the park for a few hours to escape while we waited for the sewer cleanup to happen.

Jeff went above and beyond to find another guest with an Anderson hitch to move our trailer and the guest was kind enough to move our trailer to the new site. Damon & Jeff power washed everything that could be salvaged. But, our rug, spare hose and fresh water hoses were ruined and we were without water to our trailer until almost 8:00 that night while we waited for Damon to track down enough hose to reach the spicket. Damon gave us a bottle of wine and got approval from Elaine to credit us for 1 night stay and reimburse us for the rug & other hose that were ruined. But, I needed to find the hose & rug then submit a receipt to the office for reimbursement. Again, Kristi in the office had a horrible attitude about the whole situation. I lost my temper and yelled (most definitely not my finest moment). Their sewer backed up and ruined my things, while creating a really hardship for our family after paying $1,000+ to stay for 2 weeks & her attitude was the last thing I deserved to deal with.

Later that day Elaine left me a voicemail thanking me for my graciousness and patience, which was appreciated. I assumed it was all done and we could finally just relax and enjoy the remainder of our stay.

I was mistaken. The very next morning I received another phone call from Elaine that she had been told we homeschool our children, which she does not allow in her park. She told me I needed to go register my children with the school district or we would need to leave. My children are 5 & 2 years old. Neither one is school aged. It was June-July, so summer break and we were only there for 2 weeks. It is absolutely none of her business where, when or if my children attend school & it felt very discriminatory and aggressive after everything else we had dealt with.

While the sewer backup was gross and unwelcome, it is not the reason I have given a negative review as things happen that are outside of the park?s control. The way we were treated and the absence of after hours support is a real problem and completely unacceptable.

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 July, 2019
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