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Not bad, not good.

As mentioned in the '16 review, the short term RV parking isn't the best layout. I'm parked backwards in my space for instance. The power is 30 amp most everywhere in this 12 space park but I understand there is ONE 50 amp space. Most of the people here are long term. The lady across the drive from me has been there 15 years I was told.

I have no problem connecting by routing my cord and hose under the RV to electric and water, but no way I can reach the sewer. So I used the neighbors since she doesn't use it. She is really dug in, looks like she's been here quite a while, but I guess she uses the restrooms here rather than her own facilities. The facilities are around 400 feet away from my and her RV's and the laundry isn't in very good condition. Since her sewer spur is not used, and dry, it backed up on me when I tried to dump. Lucky that it would drain slowly so I took it easy and was able to fully dump. Afterwards poured two buckets of bleach water around the connection due to the spill. I had to buy a sewer hose extension to make it over the 25 feet to the sewer, but that's minor. I can live with that.

There is a very expensive looking Wifi 'Extension' setup very close to me on a 25 foot tall post but it's not working, hasn't worked since I got here a week ago. None of the other Wifi APs I was told about work here either. Nothing Wifi worked even over right next to the office.

The owner is only here in the office from the 1st thru the 4th and I mentioned the Wifi to him today when I paid rent, and he says they're going to get it working soon. When he's not here, there's a grounds keepers phone you can call for problems but he can't do much.

The rent is $180/wk, $410/mo.

I decided to stay for a month. Grass is nice, neighbors are friendly, water is good, power is solid.

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 August, 2019