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First rate jerk

We arrived at this place at 8:30. We had just went and purchased my husband an rv as a covid project due to excessive free time. Of course it immediately became a problem of a project. We were attempting to go home and we had been fighting with the rv all that day in the heat with no air with our 4 month old. This place had gotten real good reviews. I was relieved. Thank god they weren’t shut back down. We get awakened first off at 2:30 am by a whole gang of chickens crowing. Our baby has never heard a chicken crow before so this was a big surprise. The. At 4:30 they started up again and I mean loud. Like they were right outside the window. We finally get the little guy back to sleep and we follow suit. 11:20 rolls around and there is a loud banging at the door. We hadn’t meant to sleep like that but we were extremely tired. Drove all the way from Colorado and had been at it with the rv for three days already. It is the owner of the rv park. My husband asked him if it would be possible to pay for last night and today. We needed a rest and he said I don’t think so I need the space. Very rudely. My husband went up to the front desk to talk to him and see what we had done wrong? We don’t drink we aren’t loud. I am from the south and i was raised your always polite and courteous. Upon entering the office the man asks if my husband had a mask. He had just gotten woken up and mask are not healthy for him due to a lung disease. So no. The man throws one in his direction and tells him to put it in or get out. My husband declines without explanation. Pays him his money. You couldn’t pay us to stay here another day. The only thing we did wrong was not being an 70000 dollar rv. Alittle older and not real pretty. That was the only thing it could have been. If you aren’t in debt up to your eyeballs and are frugal don’t go here. I have never in my life had a proprietor of an establishment treat us so poorly. This man actually made my cry and I am not a crier. I cannot believe this.

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 July, 2020
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