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I'm sorry to inform you that this park has deteriorated so badly, it is no longer tolerable. I had stayed there 7 winters and had seen excellent to bad managers. The present manager operates his computer business all day and totally neglects the park. I've seen an inch of dried urine in the urinal. The laundry room currently has one operable washing machine and no functioning dryers.

Everything is filthy. The dumpsters overflow every week, and the coyotes and ravens spread garbage all over the desert. Nothing is ever picked up. The office mobile home was condemned years ago. The park roads have been reduced to blowing dust, full of ruts and potholes. The sewer system has never been serviced in the park's 20 odd years of existence and the park literally stinks.

Weeds are allowed to flourish. The park is currently half full of border wall workers that leave in their noisy trucks at 5:00 AM. The lower third of the park floods during heavy rains. There are frequent power outages, and when that occurs an extremely noisy generator at the casino automatically turns on. The generator does not provide electricity to the RV park.

The casino and RV park are managed separately. Tenants are allowed to operate obnoxiously loud sound systems with pounding bass. The only thing that has happened lately is the rent was raised from $275 to $400. Mangers such as Tonya and Chris or Marsha (rest in peace) and Dave are desperately needed again.

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 November, 2020