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Parking lot, not RV Park!

Just ended a three day stay at Morro Bay Dunes RV Park, better identified as RV Parking Lot. We made advance reservations along with our travel mates and were preliminarily assigned sites 118 and 122. Upon our arrival, we were advised that site 122 was occupied and we were assigned site J-10, the worst site available and away from our travel mates, though there were a multitude of other sites available which would accommodate us. Charma the manager explained however that those sites were reserved.

Now you may ask, wasn’t your site reserved, well yes, yes it was but we understand that that can be subject to change so then why were we not given one of the available sites. Charma explained that those sites had been reserved. Reserved, just like we had reserved our site. Charma was unable to explain as to why other reservations were recognized and ours wasn’t. After a lengthy incoherent conversation with Charma, I realized I had entered Bizzaro World. When I commented that we were given the worst site possible, as it was directly across from the office and entrance/exit, with maintenance vehicles stacked up everywhere and a stone’s throw away from the Morro Bay Sewage Treatment Plant and the furthest possible site from our travel mates, she had no reply other than a should shrug. However, as a gesture of good will, she offered to make a note on our file that on our next visit, not to assign us J-10. Seriously, when we return, like we would have any intention of returning.

The Park itself, it is actually a parking lot, with dirt pads, hookups, and no outdoor ambiance whatsoever, but the cable is outstanding. It is fenced so no view of the ocean and a very significant walk to reach the seashore. 44 inches separated our motorhome from our neighbor’s trailer, so to say the sites are close would be an understatement. If you forget your alarm they provide one between 6:50 and 7:00 a.m. when the heavy equipment next door begins operation at the sewer plant.

Bottom line, this facility could care less as to customer service. Charma was very nice but not overly bright or accommodating. In closing, a site which would have nicely accommodated us near our travel mates remained vacant during our entire stay. Apparently this facility has so much business that it really could care less as to customer service. Welcome to Bizarro World!

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 September, 2021
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