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Don't Stay Here!!

DO NOT STAY HERE!!! We stayed at the park a month ago. Not only was everyone very rude (in which most the employees are), they have now proven to be dishonest. A month after our stay I get a charge on my credit card for $600.00. When I contacted them, they are saying we damaged the golf cart we had rented. We turned in the golf cart in perfect condition, exactly as we received it. I have a picture of it the morning we checked out. Now, the park is claiming that we ran it into a tree and caused $600 in damages. They say the gentlemen that took our cart must not have noticed the damage. Hits a tree...$600 in damages and he doesn't notice...does that make any sense? A month after our stay! They are very dishonest as we caused no such damage. Do not trust this park!
After talking to the manger “Paula” she informed me that anyone can be charged for any damages to anything (golf carts, cabins, picnic table) at any time after you leave or at which they notice the damage. Shady right! And now they are saying that they have written down that we dropped the keys off early in the prop off box and left the park early, and that is why no one had time to see the damages to the cart until later. When I asked for her to check their records to see what time I checked out she said they don’t keep any checkout records. How convenient, but they do have something saying I dropped off the keys early! I informed her that I have my own record of when I checked out, a receipt of merchandise bought in there store after checkout time and a picture outside the store with a time/date stamp. She said so what! You don’t like it then do what you have to do! You can stay here at your own risk if you want to, but not me!! I doubt I will ever stay another Jellystone park again. Can’t trust them, they are rude; the park isn’t that good anyway.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2011