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Very disappointed!! NEVER stay ther again!!!

Have to agree with the other review on this site. We stayed for a couple of months and our stay got worse and worse until we finally moved. We have two small dogs and they would constantly hound me about dog poo, which I picked up every day. The one woman would come by every morning and seach around our trailer to see if she could find any. If other people's dogs went anywhere in the vicinity of our trailer she assumed it was from my dogs. It finally got to the point that I would keep the bag of dog poop that I scooped to prove to her that it was not my dogs. She would knock on the door at 6:30 am even on Sundays to check. She even tried to get me to spy on the neighboors so she could threaten to evict them if I could prove it was there dogs. But let people drive through at all hours of the night and they had no problems with that. The best part was trying to get our deposit back. It took almost 2 months and we still had to drive back over there and were told that they had been to busy to mail it to us!

Date of Stay:
 May, 2011