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Have's and Have Nots's

This is definitley a park of the haves and the have nots. There are deifinitly nice sites in the park, but ours wasn't one of those. The pictures show picnic tables on concrete slabs under covers. We didn't have a picnic table, much less a concrete slab or a cover to put it under. We asked for a table on day one and five weeks later on the day we left the smart alek who does maintenance there asked if we ever got our picnic table. Our site was a mudhole when it rained and we were not allowed to have our awning mat touch the "grass". The same guy hasseled my girlfriend on a regular basis about picking up after our dog, which we were doing, never walking her without the "pooper scooper". Well CSI Stone Creek said the poop was coming from a dog our dog's size and that he was watching and going to catch whoever it was and fine them.

All in all we had a less than desirable experience at this park and would not recommend it at all. We stayed here in a 41' fifth wheel.

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 March, 2012
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