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Unpardonable attitude of Park Ranger in Lofers Bend East (Lake Whitney)

I felt like a refugee, evicted from the camp site in the middle of the night. The park ranger treated us like we were stray dogs. She woke us up from our tent and evicted us without explaining until one of us asked her where we can file a complaint. The she started explaining why she has to kicked us out. We were supposed to be part of our church camping and for the weekend and have paid our dues. My husband, as always wants to be the first one to arrive so he can put up the tent and starts the weekend. We had our great nephew with us, a 3 year old who was so excited to enjoy the camping weekend. Little that we knew it was a camping hell. We had to get up and dismantled our tent and left the area at 11 pm. I thought I was in a dream. We live 2 Fort Worth area so we had to drive back in the middle of the night. I just wish that she let us slept that night as we were told by our leaders that we can stay. We did not know what really happened on our group reservation, we were just victims of both the leadership's poor planning and the Park rangers' cruelty, inhumane treatments, and pure discrimination to our group.

Date of Stay:
 March, 2012