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We had a pretty good time at Edisto Beach. We were in site #23. Here's the good and bad of the park.

- great view of the ocean
- you could hear the waves all night :)
- great area of beach
- lots of shells to comb through
- very pet friendly. Almost every site we passed had at 1-6 dogs, and one even had a cat on a leash.

- lots of smaller roads to get to this park which isn't good for a 27' camper
- on the way to this park there are lots of big beautiful oaks...which are almost touching the road which makes for white knuckles on the steering wheel.
- our spot had no trees which meant no hammock
- TERRIBLE WATER!!!!!!! Imaging water from a new garden hose with sweetener added. It's worse than that.
- bath house at the beach area was old and needed updating
- winding, dirt roads in the park
- dump station is at another location and is cramped and more dirty than the usual dump station.

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 January, 2013
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