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Site 172

I read the other review posted a year ago. Here are my comments. Pulled in Sunday. Found a site (172) and yes, the sites tend to be grassy, but the ground is solid, it is the rainy season and I'm not inking in so what do I care if there is grass.. provided it is the kind you mow, not the other kind.

Sites were not level.. My jacks are not working right and I am level.. I've had to put a lumber yard under the tires in some parks and still not level but here all of them are firmly on the ground, No lumber.

Sites are small.. My Class a with cargo carrier is 40 foot end to end, and there is more than enough room for a towed if I had one.

Can't hook up both water and sewer at the same time.. YES, I can, and 15 foot Rinoflex is all I needed. plus a standard white hose from Wal-mart.

Have to hike all the way up to the ranger station to register the site in the rain.

Well.. In may, yes, but wait till the rain stops they won't complain.. Come June the store will be open and you can register there. (per the manager).

Would I come here again: This is my 3rd visit to this park. I would come here more often if it was not so far from where I travel normally, but yes.. I do plan on visiting here again.. Likely many times. It is a very nice park.

My membership is with a "Brother park" so I am treated like a member here (The park owner's brother owns the park I belong to).. Only improvement for me would be better Wi-Fi coverage, they are considering going all plug in and turning Wi-Fi off. (per IT guy)

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 May, 2012