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bad experience because of Bill

My wife and rented a lot here , and at first Bill was very nice and respectful . we had planned on staying her for the summer due to access to town and other attractions . On more tha one occasion Bill confrted people in the park for no reason becasue a chair was not in the spot he thought it should, it was folded up against the rv itself and didnt look trashy . He is a very rude person afterr he gets the money and from what the regulars say he is very nosey and demanding . But he is not the owner . when we told them we werent going to saty he said get out then and dont come back and we never had run in with him, we gave up the last two weeks of our rented space and left. will never go back as long as he is the manager of the park . he just a complete jerk all the way around . I also found out the owner actually lives Concord , Massachusettes. just beware of this old hateful man

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 August, 2012
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