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Expensive rates - get nothing in return

If you plan on a 'long term' stay in or near Palm Beach Florida, this place will be great but... expect to pay for the privilege!!

BUT if your stay is for only a night or two, avoid the place! This is a long established community with very narrow streets, residents park in ways to block or make extremely difficult backing into a spot. There is really no one on-staff once the office closes for the day (even bankers have longer hours!!) to assist with late arrivals or emergencies... NO ONE is in the office in Sunday's...

For what we were charged I would have expected electricity, water AND wifi to be included in the cost!! (We have paid the same at other parks and felt we got our money's worth but NOT here!!) We were given a 'break' and were not charged to park/store our car trailer - big deal...

Avoid this park if you are just passing through ESPECIALLY if you are longer than 35'!!!!!!!

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 April, 2014
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Nice place but...

It seems SO much is crammed into a very tight space. Noise is next to nothing which is great. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of broken concrete at many of the sites. This is really very dangerous! (Big old trees are probably the root cause...)


Nice park with a problem

We pulled into what seemed like a quite park. It has gravel rather than rock which is appreciated. Unfortunately, there are very ACTIVE railroad tracks within a stones throw.

With other parks we have stayed at come dark of night the train whistles stop but NOT these trains! During the wee hours there is a train an hour. During the day there seems to be a train every 10 to 15 minutes.

Other than the trains, I would recommend this park but, because of the trains I have to say 'Bring your ear plugs!'

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