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Don't Go!!!!!

Oh this place is great if you’re a complete moron degenerate. It's almost 3 am and I just left there because there were a bunch of obnoxious red neck hillbillies across from us howling at the moon at 3 am last night and tonight there was another group that had a complete disregard for anyone around them. On top of it the camp host was completely worthless. They came and didn’t make so much as a dent in the incredible load party they were having… I will never recommend this campsite to anyone.
I would rather pack up my family and trailer at 2am and head home than have spent another night in such a low class campground that way over priced to begin with. When I go camping I expect there to be some noise at night people gathered around the campfire enjoying life talking..Drunk, belligerent, load, rude, and just plain stupid people I did not expect.
Thank god I live in Auburn and the trek once we got on the road was painless enough.
This place isn’t even worth a weekend trip…..

Date of Stay:
 September, 2010