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Awful rude manager

Awful office people! Plus they ripped me off!
We checked in on a Saturday night, paid 1 month in advance. I went back home the next day, a 11 hour drive back. While at work on Monday the office manager, Robin, called to inform me my trailer was considered a park model and was not allowed in their campground. I explained to Robin that it would probably be the upcoming weekend I could make arraingments to move it.
I also explained to Robin that my family was in the direct path of hurricane Alex and we were very busy trying to prepare the house and possibly evacuate. At that time she said no problem move it asap.
I arrived late, around 1 am on Wens. that week. Early on Thursday a park worker came by asking when we were leaving. I explained to him we had just gotten there a few hours ago and were looking for another to go, he was also very rude.
Later that same day I called the office to tell them we were leaving and I expected a refund to be issued immediately. Robin said no problem over the phone. On my way out of the campground I stop by to process my credit card refund. obin handed the refund reciept and to my shock she had charged me $160 for the 5 days I was parked there! I asked her at what rate she was billing me. She replied the $33 a day rate. When I asked what the monthly breakdown rate was she said around $13. I replied "Well this doesn't seem fair, it's not my fault that you decided my trailer model was not allow here, plus I had paid you on based the monthly rate." Robins reply was "You never told us you had a PARK MODEL trailer." I simply answered, "I told you it was a Pilgram Bunk house. You guys checked me in and moving around costs money." To mine and my 5 year old who was standing me SHOCK this woman said "Do I have to call the POLICE to get you out of my park!" She then yelled for the 3 other workers standing in the backroom to come out and phone the police and escort me out. I said to her "You really don't allow questions on your business practises without threating people to call the police?" I then left because my 5 year old was crying, "Mommy what did we do to have the police called?"
Prior to checking in at Destiny, I had 2 people tell me not to go there. They both informed me that the staff was rude and unreasonable. Since leaving I have had 3 others tell me they have had similair experiences at this park. Everyone feels that the bottom line with Robin and her staff is that if you are not a retired person driving a top of the line motor home, you are not welcome at the park.
My trailer is "brand new". Even though it is a 2006 model, the 5 days we were at Destiny were the only 5 days it has been ever used! It has been in storage, indoor storage since it was built. The outside and interior are in perfect condition. We do not drive junk vehicles and are not noisy. In fact we only slept there a couple of the nights.
This place is awful, the staff is unreasonable and rude. It advertises family friendly. However I did not see one child around the park the limited time I was there. None in the pool or play areas.

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 June, 2010
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