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would not adives staying at this park

first of all the electrical literally stinks. we have been having problems with our electrical for a few weeks now. the elctricity surges and a few of the people have moved due to their air conditioners burning up. we have had quite a few problems with our electricity. i am sure our air conditioner is well on it's way to burning up. the outlet we had to plug our rv into ended up melting our plug but of course since it was our plug we have to fix it ourselves even though it was the trailer park that caused it to melt. the cable has been screwed up for the past week and even when we got cable back the picture is so fuzzy you can barely see anything. the manager does nothing to help with issues instead he acts like it is an inconvience for you to even let him know if you are having issues. the maintaince man josh is awesome and will do everything he can to try help resolve an issue. the only good thing about being at this park is that it is as access to I10. the insect issue is rediculous and you will slap yourself stupid trying to keep mosquitos from biting which they start as early as 3:00pm. ticks are just as bad and we have had to check our kids on a daily basis and have found ticks on them quite often. when it rains some sites flood. people speed through the park and do not watch out for kids. the permanent residents that have kids do not keep an eye on their kids and the manager does nothing about it. the kids will knock on your door and then run off so when you open your door there is no one there, this happens at 2:00AM. keep a weedeater handy because the mowers do not get close to trailers but if they do check your cable cords and sewer hoses. we had a few issues with someone siphoning the gas out of my car which caused us to have to buy a locking gas cap. other people in the park were having issues with people breaking into their vehicles and stealing gps systems, phones, radios, etc.... i would not advise anyone stay here unless it is a very short trip.

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 July, 2012
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