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noisy & polluted

Austin airport is adjacent to Royal Palms. Noise of takeoff and landing insures your stay will not be restful--and this in addition to it being sandwiched between two busy highways AND two other busy streets so you will be breathing jet fumes and traffic fumes 24 hours a day. If you value your health and peace of mind, find somewhere else to stay. Office manager is nice when you first meet him but beware of chisling, cheap-skate, rip-off, irritating mentality that shows after you've moved in. For example, if the laundromat machines don't work properly don't expect to get your 75 cents refunded! You will, however, be accused of being the rip-off for suggesting they refund your quarters--even after you've paid thousands in rent! But if you don't mind sleepless nights, thundering jet noise 200 feet over your head, jet and car fumes, and a petty tyrant site manager, then this place is for you.

Date of Stay:
 March, 2011