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Nice Park

We are Snowbirds and stayed here over night on our way back to Canada, open year round which is nice as it is sometimes hard to find an RV PArk open in March. Nice park easy access off I-15, sites are large and easy to drive into and out of park. Close to shopping and fuel stations. Staff was very friendly. Will use this as an overnight from now on when traveling back north from Az.

Date of Stay:
 March, 2020


Camper beware

We stayed in this park last year, never again. Seems they are only interested in getting your money.
Read the small print as all of Roberts resorts do not refund your deposit in the event you have to cancel. They give you a credit which is only good for 2 yrs. This park also requires two deposits, one for the fall special and the other for remainder of stay. So instead of giving them 300.00 you have to give them 600.00 which you loose if you have to cancel. This year we had booked in and paid our two deposits to stay for the full 6 months, when we received our receipt for the deposits it stated on there that the remainder was due when we arrived, fair enough that's how most parks do it. Then we received an email that we had to pay the remainder of our fee by mid August. When I phoned and questioned the request I was told it was a policy change. I informed them that when I gave them the 600.00 it stated on receipt remainder due when we arrive. Did not matter was expected to pay remainder, told them to stick the 600.00 where sun does not shine as we were no giving them the remainder until we arrived. This may not seem like a big deal to most people but we had already given them 600.00 that we were not going to get back in the event we had to cancel and we were not going to give them another 900.00 on top of that.
Last year when we stayed there we got in on the fall special, by the way this special is only for the first time you stay here, the next year if you come back it will cost you another 400.00 for the fall special. Great way to treat returning customers. Anyway when we booked fall special we were told the power was included, when we checked in we asked again ....is power included, were told yes. One week later we get a phone call that power company was coming to put boot on our meter as we had not registered with them. Took all day to sort that mess out.
This park does not allow you to bring your own booze for any of the events, you have to buy from them, 5.00 a beer or wine. Also if you want to send a fax from front office, a fax sent to USA 2.00, sent to Canada 4.00, go figure must be duty. Sending through Mailbox Etc 1.38...to Canada
And the laundry room, there were times we went to do laundry and had to clean machine before we could use it.
Deposit required for mail key, which you do not get back once you return key, a few more dollars in their coffers.
The best thing about this park was the Pickle ball, they have 18 courts and very nice people that play. No lighting so cannot play at night but I guess they saved some money not installing lights. The Pickle ball is the reason we originally went to this park but even that will not get us back here.
So we have cancelled our reservations there this year and booked into another park in Mesa, we got in on their fall special and booked other 3 months as well and only had to put down one deposit, which we will get back minus 25.00 if we have to cancel.

Date of Stay:
 January, 2016


Little Vineyard RV park and resort

Stayed here for a week which rate reflects.Power was extra for week stay. Sites are large and level, some have trees most don't. Laundry and facilities nice and clean,very friendly staff. WiFi was not that good, we were in back and seemed to lose internet a lot, had to go to clubhouse where internet worked good. Lots of permanent people here. Would stay here again.

Date of Stay:
 October, 2012
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Safford RV Park

Sites were large,easy to get into, sewer connection was way at back of site which was not good. Some sites had small trees but nothing to give any shade. Lots of permanent people here, no control over type of unit as some were old and just junk. Laundry room was filthy, pool table was very dirty and needs cushion repair. Furniture around pool was broken and dirty. lots of dogs barking through day. Staff was friendly. Weekly rate does not include power. Would not stay here again.

Date of Stay:
 October, 2012
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