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A college party atmosphere! That was not what we were expecting for a "Family Friendly" campground. Rowdy, noisy, discourteous groups of surrounding campers. People were constantly walking through our campsite as a short cut to the bathhouse area. People playing loud music with no apparent regard for anyone in nearby campsites. Loud noises and shouting well after "quiet time." Staff did not seem to care, as I witnessed no effort on their part to quiet the rowdies. Alcohol flowing freely at the numerous "party" groups, with a couple of sites having beer-pong tables set up. Push-button 10-second luke-warm (at best) showers. Filthy bathrooms. No paper towels or hand dryers! Most over-rated for the price campground I've ever been to. I will never return and will discourage anyone else from staying at Riverview Campground in Sterling, Michigan. We camped here in a Motorhome.

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Our favorite in Michigan,

In my opinion, Michigan's premier "nature" campground. Absolutely beautiful scenery/location. Campground is in two sections, a "lower campground" (our favorite) which is near the river & lower falls, and an "upper campground" which is short hike or bike/car ride up-hill from the falls area. If reservations are made months in advance, can usually get a river-front site. Campground is very well maintained. Sites are large, grassy, and shaded. Staff is courteous. Campfire wood is sold on site, with truck that makes rounds through campground twice each evening. Lots of hiking trails. Boardwalk and trail along the river is the closest thing to the Pacific Northwest that Michigan has to offer: the smell of pines, the sound of rushing water, and a quiet trail through the woods for a 4-mile journey to the "upper" section of the falls. We've camped here often and and will continue to do so for many years to come. Always a highlight of my summer camping experiences. We camped here in a Motorhome.

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