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2006 Monaco Knight 40 PLQ (Rear Office)
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I can see aliens from here!

On our travels west, we stopped in Roswell because of our love for all things cheesy, and Roswell embraces its alien association. To the fullest. Not wanting to pass by something as awesome as aliens, we stopped in at Town & County RV Park.

This is a big rig friendly park, and registration and parking was simple and quick. There are plenty of pull-throughs available for a 40+ footer and toad. The 50A utilities checked out fine, and the water pressure was sufficient. Trash receptacles were conveniently located.

My primary complaint with Town & Country is our difference in opinion of their advertisement of "Internet Access". When we got to our site, which was one row away from the office, I fired up my computer to find that my access point was the only one listed. When I inquired about internet access, they informed me that they had "internet access", and not "wifi". Their definition is that you walk to the office and access the internet from there. My definition is totally different than that.

As aliens would have it, there was a cell tower within sight of the RV park, and Verizon 3G service rocked, as did cell service. There will be no communicating with ET life forms from this park, unless you have an EVDO connection available.

If you recognize that you are stopping in a town that has Sonic at the top of the Yelp reviews for restaurants, it is a fine park to overnight. It is a couple of miles from the alien action of downtown, but not inconvenient. We will stop here again if we are passing through and have not had any alien sightings in a while.

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 October, 2010
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I can see stars from here!

The Lost Alaskan is a big rig friendly park at the edge of Alpine, Texas. The park is easy to get to when passing through Alpine, and the registration process is friendly and easy. A great first impression.

The sites are arranged in long rows, and most sites are pull-throughs, making it very convenient for overnights - or lazy parkers like myself. The roads are packed gravel, and the long and decently wide sites are gravel as well. There are nice pine trees throughout the park.

A nice feature of the park is their dog area near the entrance to the campground. There are also a lot of grass around the perimeter of the park, which gives it a nice feel. The laundry room sufficient for task at hand. I never look inside the bathhouse, as I have one of those in my RV :) There is also a pool that appears to be open only during the summer.

My only two gripes - the internet provider is HughesNet, which means you get a long list of "don't do this" when you check in, and you can make a sandwich between clicks because of the latency. Verizon 3G service made up for that shortcoming, and Verizon cell service was strong.

The other issue we had was extremely low water pressure. I think they know about it, as we were told "we have the water pressure regulated, so you don't really need a regulator". They were right. I could run faster than their water flowed. But, we have an RV, so we simply used the water pump to supplement the low pressure.

The "chocolate mint on your pillow" for the night ended up being their "star gallery", which was a cheesy wooden enclosure with chairs inside. At night, you walk in to the enclosure and look up to be treated to the most amazing view of the south Texas sky. The little enclosure did an amazing job of blocking out the little campground lights, and gave more stars as a result. Fun, cheesy, perfect for an night walk. Loved it.

I recommend this park for a night, week, or month - as long as the Verizon 3G service hangs in. Cute little town.

Date of Stay:
 September, 2010
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You can see Mexico from here!

We decided to leave the San Antonio area via a different route - along Hwy 90 going west. Our first stop was in the small town of Del Rio, Texas. Only about 4 hours from where we were in Gonzales, Texas, it was an easy drive down a nice highway.

The RV park is located a couple miles out of town, which was bustling on a Friday afternoon. It was nice to be outside the bustle. The Park is large and obviously well maintained. The park is situated just off the highway, although noise was minimal.

The nightly area is set up with plenty of pull-throughs. The utilities are smartly situated, and the sites are plenty large enough for a 40' and 4-door Jeep without unhooking. However, we unhooked and explored the small border town a little.

The utilities tested out solid, although water pressure was a little low. The streets and sites are a compacted gravel with nice grass in between. Our dog picked up some stickers in his paws, but he loved the nice grass.

Internet supplied by Tengo, and each overnight guest is supplied with a coupon for 1 day of service. While this is sufficient for some, the well-connected technomad will have a difficult time staying connected with multiple appliances, as this coupon is good for a single MAC address (single computer). Verizon EVDO is 1X, which means s.l.o.w. Verizon phones show up as "Extended Network". You can see Mexico just a few miles away, and one should be aware that they are not roaming on a tower in Mexico.

There is a steak house close by, which was very good. The pool, bath house, exercise room, staff, and facilities were all very nice. I would recommend this park to anyone passing through. Because of technology limitations, I would have to work some things out to stay longer than a few days or a week.

Date of Stay:
 September, 2010
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