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Worst Customer Service We Have Ever Seen

This RV park by far had the worst customer service my family has seen since we started RVing full time 2 years ago.
Here are the issues that we had while at this RV park:
1. We traveled here with 2 other full time families and one of the families has 9 kids (and yes, they are all their own) and they were going to make the family split their children up and have their children stay with us and the other family because they do not allow over 6 people per site. No exceptions.
2. They also charge for additional children over 12yo that are staying on the site. Not a big deal…. If it was disclosed.
3. While checking in, they charged me for our friends kids even after they already paid. The problem was resolved after about a 10 minute conversation in the office.
4. Their pet policy is very stern and vague at times and we made the reservation and told them that we had a 50lb Boxer-Mastiff puppy. However after we got there, they said that I did not tell them this and that Mastiff dogs are aggressive and I would have to leave. Nowhere on their site does it state anything about Mastiff dogs not being allowed, only Pit-Bulls.
5. When discussing the dog issue with the woman owner, she told me that it was my mistake and that she did nothing wrong when taking the reservation. She was also very snotty and condescending at times.
6. We were told that we would have to leave immediately and that we had 30 minutes to vacate the property or the police would be called. However, most RVers know that it is very hard to close up a Class A, disconnect, and hook up a tow vehicle in this time. It ended up taking us about an hour to pack up correctly, and yes…. The police were called, but were extremely nice about the whole situation.
7. Their policies say that they can tell you to leave at any point in time during their stay for any reason that they feel. That does not exactly make for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Your RV could also be towed away without your consent for multiple reasons. Check out their website and you’ll know what I mean.
8. The 2 other families that we met at this campground wanted to leave also because we were meeting here for a week vacation and it would not make sense if we were to be in one location and they would be in another. The owner was furious to say the least when the two other families asked for a refund. The woman owner said that they would keep their money for the week stay that we were planning. Only after about an hour of negations after the police showed up did she actually concede to give them their money back.

The moral of this story is that this whole situation could have been avoided multiple times by the owner/s having basic customer service skills. They could have taken the correct information during the reservation and if they still messed that up, they could have said to us…. Sorry for our mistake but your dog is not allowed here. Let me help you find another park that can accommodate you and your friends. It’s sad when someone owns a business and does not have even the smallest amount of customer service skills. This is not a good park to go to if you have any types of pets or children. By seeing their attitudes, this should be a 55+ resort.

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 June, 2013
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