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Grand Lake RV & Golf Resort is a DUMP

rand Lake RV & Golf Resort in Orange Lake, Florida was probably the worst place I have ever visited. We rented two cottages for two nights.

First of all we were running late so the manager calls to find out if we are on our way because if not they were going to give our place away to someone else. Never heard this done before. We were suprised to find that the resort had plenty of vacant lots and cottages. The cottages were filthy. Wood rot all over the cottages. Broken down windows fixed with some sort of plastic covering. You could barely open the sliding glass door. It smelled awful in these cottages. When it was time to retire to bed we noticed that there were no extra blankets and pillows to sleep on (for the sleeper couches). I had to literally sleep with a bath towel over me, which I brought from home. I also had to cover my child with a towel as a blanket. One of the sleeper couches had vomit or blood stains. The other sleeper couch had what appeared to be some sort of rodent feces. The toilet paper roll in one of the units was half way gone with no replacement under the sink. The grass on the golf course was up to our knees. The cottages were filled with spiders and roaches. We literally woke up the next morning with bites all over us. They stated that they had a restaurant but when we arrived the manager told us it had been closed down for months. There was nothing to do other than swim.

The manager was very rude to our family. We did speak to the owner and told him what we thought. They never apologized. This place is not a resort. This is definitely not a family friendly place or a place where any dignified clean person would like to spend some time. This place has caused us more stress than anything else. They get a zero rating from this unhappy camper.

All they wanted was to get as much money as possible. Very unhospitable!!!

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 July, 2011
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