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Avoid staying at The Royal Palms Mobile Home RV Park, Austin TX

We strongly encourage everyone to avoid staying at The Royal Palms Mobile Home RV Park, Austin TX, no one deserves this kind of disrespect. Arrived on July 24th as stated on our reservation, the Assistant Manager Griselda Trevino (Gigi) very nice gentleman, informed us of the long list of park rules and fines, proceeded with a picture book to go over the rules for the park and possible fines, pointed out our lot location on the map and sent us on our way. No one assisted us to our location, parked & put permanent blocks under our 5th wheel. Next day, Assistant Manager Griselda Trevino (Gigi) knocked on our door, informing us not park our truck inline with our 5th wheel, lucky it hadnt been towed away at a cost to us of $200.00, had to move our truck over to designated parking pad, make sure that our tires were on the pad and not more than halfway over or we would incur a fine. He informed us to move our 5th wheel another 8 feet forward as the door of the 5th wheel must be on the patio pad, which was not stated in the park rules. We had to hook up and un-block our 5th wheel to move it 8 feet forward so our door would meet with the patio pad. We left the next day for 4 days, returned finding a 8x11 note taped to our window, dated 2 days after we left. "Remove your bikes from the stop sign and put them on your lot or in a designated storage area" We do not have bikes nor do we have any children. Deciding that we better leave the RV Park or we were going to get a fine for something that we were not responsible for. We hooked and packed up our 5th wheel and headed to the office, We stated we did not sign a lease, and the manager stated thats right you didnt and you are choosing to leave early and I dont have to give you back your money, We told him this was highway robbery and theft. The only words that continued to come from this Managers mouth was YOU ARE AWFUL, YOU ARE AWFUL, YOU ARE AN AWFUL PERSON, Manager hollering from the building if you put anything on the internet I will sue you.

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 July, 2012
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