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A RV Park with potential

This park has great potential it's a pity that under the current owners it'll not achieve it's potential. A family that is at logger heads with each other does have an effect on the business and on the staff, which in turn effects us the guests.
The son manager is a screamer and he screams at everybody, he does not care if you are a paying guest or a staff member. Currently the family is at odds with themselves due to a control/purchase of the park, hope the son and his wife fail in there attempt.
The new sites are bare, barren and muddy. The older sites have potential for tree branches that seem in poor shape and could come crashing down on your rig.
Bathrooms are in great shape.
Cable TV is good, but the Wi-Fi is very spotty in reception.
Sites are stone and sand and all seem to need grading even the new sites, although they are wide and long, again they have potential, sadly not the management skills to make it happen.

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 February, 2011
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