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Park need some attention

We have stayed at this park. First appearance is good but if you drive around the park it is a bit junky in areas. Some lots have alot of junk sitting around;old cars, boxes, old frigs sitting outside and other junk laying around. The laundry room is in need of attention. It is very hot as there are no window coverings to keep the sun out, no air conditioning, just a small dirty fan turned on low. Makes it very miserable when you are doing laundry in the summer months.Showers have no air either, so it is very hot in there. Park is quiet and managers are friendly. It could be a really nice park if some changes were made. The location is great as it is close to everything. Owner needs to be less concerned about his landscaping and more concerned about meeting the needs of his campers. Needs some updating. Also, even though it is advertised to have free cable and WIFI throughout the park there is not. Some areas have it and some don't. They fail to tell you that in some areas of the park you have to pay for the cable and get your own WIFI. That is very disappointing as they are both very important to most people. There is no reason if it is advertised that way that it shouldn't be that way. Some find out too late.

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 August, 2011
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