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We stayed in a pinch...

Drove till nearly dark and pulled off the highway. Asked someone where we could camp nearby, she said m&m. So out at the end of trailerville was a bunch of designated camping spots. No one was tending it so we set up our tent, the rain began and we slept. We did not have a fire or cook, we didn't even wash our hands. No toilets, water was not for washing dishes, ? We had our well behaved dog with us who slept in the tent. Next morning we were packing to leave and this guy appears, $35.00 for the night, he didn't charge for the dog, that would have been an additional $10.00 We didn't fish, or take a boat in just slept in our tent. I think m&m would be great if you were going to launch a boat or plan on drinking, playing the radio and staying up till 3am like our neighbors did. I thought it was a dive.

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 August, 2012
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