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I stayed in this rv park for almost 3 months while i was working in the area. The first month or so was good, always paid the lot fee on time. After about 2 months, they blocked me from using the wifi on my desktop, but my laptop could get connected because they did not know i had a laptop.
We were only able to get 4 channels while we stayed there, was always told we needed to buy new cable to hook up from their connection to mine, bought 5 new cables and also tried one they left, could not get anything except the 4 channels.
The 3rd month i was told i owed them almost $1000 because they had no record of me paying the lot fee. They do not give receipts, but they wanted me to show them the receipts for paying the lot fee, told them they did not give receipts so there are no receipts. Then asked them where the envelopes were that showed i paid, i was told they do not keep those because they didn't see a need to keep them.
Also the men's bathroom had not been cleaned in months from the looks of it. It smelled and if 2 people are taking a shower in the building at the same time, the 2nd person will be taking a cold shower. I moved to another local rv park and now instead of nothing but rocks and NO SHADE, i am in a rv park that is quiet and i have a place where we can sit outside and enjoy my off time.

Date of Stay:
 May, 2012