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Horrible, terrible park

DO NOT STAY AT THIS PARK! The bath house is discusting and riddled with spiders and bugs. The hot water is NEVER on so when you do try to take a a shower in it the water is cold. There is no laundry facility and the closest one is in Wylie and that laundry mat is discusting. There is no mail service, so if you stay long term you must buy a p.o. box in Wylie. There is also no outgoing mail so you must drive into
Wylie to simply mail out you mail. Very inconvenient. If your pipes freeze, YOU are responsible even though the water controller the parks utilize are NOT for incliment weather. I went out of town and turned off my water and their cheap pipes froze while I was gone. I returned home to a $150.00 dollar bill taped to my door. This park also over charges on electricity bills. DO NOT BE FOOLED by the ignorant office manager at the gate house, she does the meter reading and over charges on all monthly bills.

Overall this park is the worst park I have lived in as a full time RV'er. You will regret waisting your time moving there to have to move after you have realized the discusting park and its employees.

Tracey G. Lot 75

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 December, 2010
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