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Danger! Beware of this place! I was there for a week. Looks nice but looks can be deceiving.

Had my wallet stolen. Had my wife and children threatened. Pedafile constantly driving by and watching my kids. Staff is rude and will overcharge you for electricity.

Why stay here when there are so many other places? Even just down the street there are better places for the same price (you wont be saving anything when the electric bill comes).

Look I am writing to warn you. If you don't listen. Then I told you so in advance. I am not the type to complain (this is my first negative review ever). I am just concerned about what might happen to your children or wife if you stay here.

If you just got out of prison for child molestation, like prostitutes and drink all day. Well, enjoy because this is the park for you.

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 November, 2011
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