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We'll never be back

While the sites at Cocopah RV & Golf resort are of generous size, you may very well end up with your neighbor’s rig right at your doorstep due to the location of the sewer connections. This facility requires a minimum of 2, 15 foot sewer hoses in order to connect to the sewage system, and sometimes 3 depending on the location of your sewer connection. They fail to tell you this when you register, and if you show up with only one, they will site you all the way to the rear of the site, which then places you at your neighbor’s doorstep. We are now into mid March, when most of the parks occupants start to head home, and there are a significant number of open spaces within the park. In my opinion, because we complained to the manager about the placement of RV’s so nearby our RV because of the parks failure to notify them of the hose length problem, most RV’s now coming into the park are placed next to us, and backed up as far as they can be. When the latest one came in today, and I complained to the park escort about how far back it was parked, I was told that some people request specific sites. I asked the folks who were placed in the site if they had requested that specific site, and was told that they did not. The park appears to be very reluctant to add this info to their website, for whatever reason. I also had a problem with a water connection at my site that I brought to the attention of the parks maintenance staff when we first arrived on late November. There was a significant leak from the compression fitting that connected the main line to the hose riser. The maintenance staff informed me that they would have to shut down the whole row in order to fix the leak, so instead, simply twisted the connection until the leak stopped. This worked fine until one day in January when I was disconnecting my water line in order to install the hose to flush my holding tanks. The line immediately separated I was forced to hold the copper line to the compression fitting until I could get my wife’s attention so she could bring a pair of channel lock pliers in order for me to fix the line. Numerous calls were made to the security staff, who told me that no one was available to fix the problem until the next day. If I hadn’t had the ability to fix this problem myself, there would have been quite a few sites flooded out due to the broken main line. The next morning, I finally had to call the security office because no one had showed up at my site to fix the leak. I was told that the message had not been passed on to the maintenance staff, but they would do it immediately, which they did, and the problem was solved quickly and correctly. There appears to be a great deal of politics played at this park, which we have been coming to since 2001. Rules are ignored if it is convenient. More prominent people are given preferential treatment, etc. The manager appears to be more of a used car salesman than a comprehensive, knowledgeable, in command leader, and simply stonewalls complaints in hopes that they just go away.

While my wife and I have enjoyed our winter visits to Yuma for many years, each year at Cocopah RV & Golf Resort appears to be a step backwards in both customer service and amenities, and because of this, we will never be returning here again.

Date of Stay:
 March, 2012