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R V Park unsafe

My wife and I along with another couple booked sites at the RV Park. We had a $300 ice chest stolen from our campsite #16. We call for security to come to the RV park. The casino said we should have secured our belonging better. Come to find out this was the second ice chest that had been stolen during the weekend. Security is non-existence at the RV park. Cars and trucks with rough looking people are constantly riding through the campground scoping things out. The person on the phone (they did not send anyone) said they would report it to risk management.

I wouldn't recommend staying there until they decide to make it safe to do so. I didn't want them to replace my ice chest. I just wanted let them know what was happening in their RV Park.

Oh well, we won't be back even though the casino is nice. We will not stay in a dangerous place. who knows the next time they may be breaking in doors. The casino doesn't seem to care.

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 November, 2016
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