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Unappealing except for trees...

This park is mainly for long-term residents. They don't enforce their rules, so you will see trailers with junk and appliances piled up outside like a storage unit, too many cars in front of trailers, and small spots with no yard. Some of the trailers are really old and junky. The laundry room only has 4 washers for 100+ residents, so you have to fight for a washer/dryer, or wait around for hours until one becomes free. They overwater, so your driveway becomes a mosquito haven. The lawn man also blows dust on your vehicles when he's blowing leaves under your cars or trailers off of the road. People cut through spots, including small children on their bikes. You really have no privacy and there isn't enough room for more than one vehicle per space. There are a lot of non-English speaking people in this park, which can be difficult when you are trying to ask them to move their vehicle, etc. They really don't have many good things, except for the beautiful shade trees (taller than the other parks around). The rent is high, but they do allow for dogs over 20 lbs. There is no dog walk, however, but there are trails behind the park. Electricity seems abnormally high here (averaging around 150.00 per month). The office opens and closes at odd hours, so if you need to get your mail, you have to make sure its during office hours. They take your trash at the curb only during certain hours, and there is no dumpster. They charge for picking up and dropping off your propane tank, unless you drop it off and pick it up yourself. The young office staff often seems to be talking on the phone or doing homework rather than working. There aren't many other options for people with dogs over 20 lbs, since most other parks in the area do not allow them, or charge by the day for pets. It's not a horrible place, but it definitely doesn't have much appeal, other than the trees. Definitely not a resort--just a place to sleep.

Date of Stay:
 April, 2012