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Lexington, VA
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Chalet Takena 1865-EX
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Too Many Problems

We only require 30 A service. The owners made a mistake when they put us in with the long term rentals. Any owner worth their salt know to keep the two groups apart.
We ended up jammed into an area without grass, not enough parking, a lot of junk strewn about and many dogs tied outside - all while beautiful grassy spots left unused. When I came back from my shower, the neighbor parked his muddy truck partially in our outdoor seating area. All while beautiful grassy spots.......
The owners are trying to resuscitate a park they say was neglected for five years. I hope they succeed, but I wonder if they have the temperament. On arrival, the friendly owner pulled out a print-out and lectured the rules to me, all while marking it with a highlighter. Ironically, the highlighter smeared the printing making it unreadalble.
The WiFi is useless. Never stay ia park that uses Tengointernet, unless you pine for frequent disconnects and dial-up speed. The owners hope to upgrade WiFi in the spring of 2014.
The showers are OK, with lots of warm water. They are generally clean. The pool is open during mid-September, which is great.
As I look at this dirty truck parked next to my chair, and look across the way at those unused grassy spots, I am trying to resist lowering this rating to one star.

Date of Stay:
 September, 2013
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Hit & Miss

The good:
Fabulous private shower bathroom combo's that are clean.
Paved level spots surrounded by beautiful grass.
A swimming pool.
Very nice people.
Went KOA Sept 2013.

The bad:
Train tracks on the east that literally shook our camper.
It was 87 degrees in mid-September, but the pool was closed.
Sites so close together that our slide out and awning touched either edge.
Strong WiFi signal but none of our computers could connect.
We had a wind from the south that brought in a smell like that of a foundry.

Date of Stay:
 September, 2013


Stay At The Other One

There are two main RV Parks in Elko.
This is just a huge gravel parking lot. It is difficult to figure out how far on either side of the water posts, the rig should hang out as there are no markings.
The main draw if this park is their bar / restaurant and their free continental breakfast. The bar / restaurant was a bust for us as we went in Sunday evening at 5 PM intent on their special pizza offer, which was sold out, along with their other specials. If a restaurant is sold out of their specials at 5, then it is poorly run. The "family friendly" side was a sterile room with several booths and absolutely no charm. So we got a pizza at the nearby Pizza Barn.
The free breakfast was not worth the price. It consisted of pre-packaged Danish, English muffins, and coffee.
They charge an extra $1 for each pet, which serves no function other than to annoy pet owners and they waved it for me. They also use tokens in the shower, but two are included at check-in and they last 15 minutes. While that works out OK, it is annoying to deal with tokens.
The WiFi signal was strong, but loading websites was hit or miss. It did download the podcast of the Nightly News seamlessly.
The park is so close to the train, that the noise at 2 AM was incredible.
Stay at the other nearby park.

Date of Stay:
 September, 2013
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A Bit Odd

It is under new ownership, so they are slowly making changes and improvements. However it remains a bit odd. There is only one men's toilet, which is nowhere near enough (two for women), and there are no latches on the stall or shower doors which appear to be new. The rest rooms are clean.
The park is on a hill, so the sites are level in a stair step fashion, meaning leaving the site can be interesting. Almost all sites are ridiculously long and pretty far apart. There is WiFi near the office, but they plan on adding more range in the future.
Unfortunately, the park is about 3 miles up a rough gravel road which, in 2013, has a pronounced 'wash board' effect. There are some very nice BLM parks nearby, but if you want full hookup near the Steens, this is your only choice, and not a bad one.
Surprisingly, there is good cell service in the area, but gas in Frenchglen is outrageously expensive.

Date of Stay:
 September, 2013
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What a nice surprise! This park was so nice to stay in. The owner was extremely nice and almost too attentive. There is no shade, but this is the desert. Nearby is the Ana Reservoir, which is great swimming and dog friendly. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to, or a very quick drive (hint: it is a nice walk!).
While the setup in the showers are a bit odd, they are clean and modern. The view of the sunset across the mountains was fabulous.
The price of this park is much lower than the one nearby to the south and I would rather swim in a clean lake than the hot springs.
If we ever go back though this area, we will stop by again.

Date of Stay:
 September, 2013
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Water Problems - Did Not Tell Us

We checked in late. Sign said to go across the street. Went across the street, they told us to go back around the back of the house that had the sign telling us to go across the street.
The person who signed us in was very nice. Helped us back in and hook up. Two sites down was a trailer that looked permanent and had lots of junk sitting around.
That night, while I was brushing my teeth, I remarked that the water had more chlorine in it than a swimming pool.
In the morning, I used the restroom / shower and there was a noticed tacked to the wall off to the side warning about the water. The poster said that the water could have E. Coli and that it should not be consumed without boiling!
We were not warned on check in. There was no notice at the water connection. While I doubt any E. Coli could survive all that chlorine, not notifying customers on check in, or when making reservations ("yes we have full hookups") is inexcusable and shows complete disregard to their customers.

Date of Stay:
 September, 2013
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A very nice RV park. WiFi signal is good. Showers are nice and clean. It looks like they try to have lots of activities, but we were quick in and out the next day. We arrived after they closed their office, but their instructions for late arrivals were easy to follow.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2013


Nice. Walking distance. Less expensive than KOA.

We stayed here for two nights and selected it because the KOA is so darned expensive. We like to walk to dinner and do not have to worry about driving and this is a 10 minute walk to downtown Leavenworth, which is a huge plus for us. The downside is that it is located along US 2 which is somewhat noisy. Their WIFI is located in their office and does not carry far. Several people did their computer business sitting on the porch, which is silly given how easy it is to put in a repeater or a stronger WiFi signal.
The showers are clean and nice.
Note that some spots are tiny because the owners and doing the right thing by preserving the trees. We stayed in spot 9, which is fine for a small camper. We thought spot 10 was a parking space for our car. I cannot imagine anything fitting in there. Spots 18 - 30 are quite accurately shown on their website as being along the highway, but while it is a bit noisy, the road is higher so it is not a bad as it could be.
The owners are very nice people and they are working hard to make it work. I would stay there again but I hope they extend the WiFi signal.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2013


Nice. No shade. Small indoor pool.

We stayed here during the heat blast of the summer. Even though it was hot, the humidity was low and sitting outside was OK. But most people stayed inside in their A/C. There is nothing here but cement and gravel, so do not expect shade and woods. But this is the high desert, so there are not any trees nearby anyway.
The inside swimming pool is small and the park is large. Even though there were only 6 other people there when we went it, it felt crowded.
This is a nice place and a good stop off point when traveling.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2013


Cute. Small. Nice Owners. Cash Only.

This is a cute, nice RV park with full hook-ups. Its location is great, in that it is barely in the USA on the way to Banff, Jasper, or Kewlona. The owners are very nice. There are only 10 spots, but they all have full hook-ups. It is a beautiful area in a valley between the mountains with a barely accessible lake on the edge of the property.
Note that the owners accept only cash and there is not WiFi nor cell service, so except for the full hookups, this is remote!
The restroom is clean, but there is only one combo shower / restroom for male, and one for female. But with only 10 spots, who cares.
Highly recommended.
Until it is corrected, the location on RVParking is way off. It is located right on US 95 well north of Bonner's Ferry.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2013