Fall Review Contest

We've been getting a steady flow of new reviews. So we thought why not make things interesting?

We'll be throwing a Fall Review Contest from 09/07/10 -10/15/10. Entering is pretty easy... just write a review on any park or RV site that you please. All reviews (by new & returning users) posted by Friday, October 15th will be considered in picking the user with the most reviews.

The user with the most reviews will win the Grand Prize. But since the overall goal of our site is to bring the RVing community reliable & useful RV Park reviews we will also be handing out 2 runner up prizes for the best overall review quality. Here's some review writing tips on what we look for when it comes to review quality. The submission date for the contest ends on Friday, 10/15/10 and we'll announce the winners on Monday, 10/17/10. Good luck everyone! If you have any questions just comment below for a speedy answer.

Contest Prizes

Grand Prize - Portable Solar Power Pack (worth $150-$200)

Featuring a  powerful built-in 400-watt inverter and sealed, spill-free 10-amp/hour AGM battery.The Powerpack solar panel continuously captures, stores, and converts the sun's energy and extends the runtime of many portable devices. Two AC outlets, a DC socket, and a USB port give you plenty of options for simultaneously operating anything from laptops to cell phones to small TVs. We recently asked our Twitter followers , "If you could get a present for your journeys what would you want the most?". This item was so popular that we decided to make it our grand prize!

Grand Prize - Xantrex X Power Portable Solar Powerpack

1st Runner Up - $50 Gas Card
2nd Runner Up - $50 Gas Card

See Contest rules here