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Getting expensive

We like this park and have stayed here a lot. But, even with passport America, it?s getting expensive. You gotta know tho, it?s a nice clean park with great pads and very nice pool area.


Best in the area

This campground is just the basics. It does have nice long sites and they?re super easy to get into. Good for an overnight.



The staff is super nice. The site we were in was long and gravel. The weather was horrible-it rained all night, so we were concerned about getting stuck in the mud at the end of the row, but we made it out just fine. Has a dog park, but we didn?t use it: too much rain.


Good place

This place is quiet and the people are really nice. Would have liked a grassy area for my dog, but the park is surrounded by fields. No off leash, but doable. We would stay here again. No long pages of rules - just the quiet.



This is our third time staying here. First time was good. Second time we had one small problem with an overzealous security person. This, the third time, it appears the zealots have taken over the place. Mind you, we have a very nice diesel pusher and we were treated like riffraff. Ruined this part of our trip. Recommend you stay somewhere else. We will.


Not good

If you have a dog do NOT go here. EVERYONE hates dogs and yells at you for walking your dog. The park is nice and quiet until you walk your dog and then all hell brakes loose.


Love it

This park is great. Lots of grass, lots of trees and clean. The trees are trimmed high, so no worries about roof scrapes. The dogs love it! Has a great off leash park and a dog walk along the river.
Your GPS may tell you to make a U-Turn to get to the entrance, but keep on eye on your left and you will see an entrance sign on a corner just before the park. Easy.


Not dog friendly

Gravel dog park.
Signs all over stating dogs are not allowed on lawns. Mind you, the climate here is desert hot, so the risk of burned feet on blacktop and gravel is high.


Yes, it?s a great park, but...

Sites are very hard to get in and out of - close together. And, even more importantly, they have raised the price to where it?s unaffordable.


Great People

We really like this park. The people and the chicken fried steak are wonderful. Our dogs loved the park.

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