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Not bad at all!

After being disappointed by the state parks in the area, we stumbled on this location via Passport America. They offered us a back-in site, which after a long day of driving we were happy to accept.

The sites were quite spacious, and the back-ins along the J row are all along a corn field. Very quiet and away from highway noise. We loved it. Loved it so much, we decided to extend a second night.

After walking around the campground, we were kinda glad a pull-thru wasn't available - the back in sites gave more sense of privacy.

The hook-ups were top notch - great 50A electric, water pressure and sewer. The bath facilities were also pretty nice.

The layout of the park is interesting and kinda spread out with different sections. There are some short trails connecting the sections, with a nice looking tent area in the woods. A nice arcade/game room and camp store, and the pool looked nice - although we didn't use it.

All and all, with a Passport America discount - this place was a welcomed stop over spot for us.

Great Verizon & AT&T signals, and the park WiFi quite usable.

We'd definitely return on future traverses through the area.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2012
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Excellent Location, Great Amenities

There's not too many RV locations nearby Madison - but this site is pretty darn good. It's out in the country just far enough to be quiet and chill, but close enough to town that it's not a big deal to head in.

The Capitol Trail connects up to the park, making biking into town quite easy. But there is a $4/day fee to use the trails other than by foot (or a $25 annual pass). We did enjoy walking/running many of the trails at the park - which were quite nice.

The sites themselves are pretty well laid out and spacious - but the trees in-between them are quite young at this point. There's not much separating the spaces, and it can feel a bit crowded if you have neighbors on both sides. During our two week stay, we only had a couple weekend nights where this happened.

There is only 50A electric at the RV sites - no water or sewer. Just one dump station, which seems adequate for the space, but a lawn maintenance truck blocked the water fill station for most of the day when we needed to dump/fill - kinda annoying. The bath facilities were very nice, with separate private lockable shower rooms.

Their online reservation system gives good availability and descriptions of the sites - and you can get a day free if you reserve 5 days or more.

There's a Walmart, gas station and Goodwill not too far away for easy shopping - but you'll be quite tempted to skip that and head into town for local treasures instead.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Madison, and this was a great location.

The park provides free reliable and fast WiFi, and our Verizon LTE 4G signal was strong, as was AT&T 3G.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2012
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Kinda Forgettable

The park itself is waterfront, but none of the sites have a waterfront view with all of the trees and vegetation. Seems like a waste of opportunity.

The campground is in a typical circle configuration, all with back-in sites. The sites are spacious with lots of room between them, but not much distinction between them. Good electrical hook-ups. No water or sewer at sites. You can buy a wheelbarrow full of firewood for a decent price, and there recycling is mandatory (which is really cool).

We ended up just stopping in for a night. It wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. You can walk out to the water on the docks, but other than that.. there's really not much here to do. Unless you have a boat, then having a place to launch is probably the draw of this location.

We had barely usable Verizon and AT&T signals, making it even less desirable as a stop over.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2012
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It ranks in our Top 10 favorites... EVER!

Wow. We were traversing the shoreline of northern Green Bay looking for a waterfront campground to park at for a few days. After passing some of the county parks that just weren't all that attractive, we pulled in here.

We were greeted by a very friendly young lady in the office, who offered us a waterfront spot. It was a perfect spot that we could pull in parallel to the waterfront creating our own private oasis of awesome.

We enjoyed impressive sun and moon rises, and enjoyed the hiking trail that starts past the swimming beach.

The level of relaxation we got at this location was indescribable. Probably one of our favorite camp locations in our 6 years of full time RVing. That's saying a lot - we've been to some amazing places!

The sites are a mix of 50A electic and rustic. There is no water or sewer at any site - so make sure you utilize their very well designed dump station on your way in to dump/fill up. Their bathhouse is top notch, as is all of the other amenities in the park.

Both AT&T and Verizon had usable but not great signals, which was our only downside. We did sniff a faint LTE signal on Verizon, so suspect they are upgrading the area? That would make this place absolutely divine.

We would definitely come back here in a heartbeat. We were actually sad to leave... our next stop just didn't stand a chance at comparing. We'll be dreaming about this place for a long long time.

Date of Stay:
 August, 2012
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Highly Disappointing and Overpriced

If you're looking for a campground that caters to families with kids, then this is the place for you. It does seem to be a great spot to bring a group together, as it provides a lot of play space for kids.

So first... the positives of this campground:

- The sites are spacious and VERY shaded and mostly cleaned.
- Lots of activities for kids - great family vacation spot
- The WiFi was actually usable

But that's about where the charm ends. Here are the things we disliked about this park:

- Even on their website, they obscure their actual address by just listing the street name. When you look the location up on Google, it shows it as waterfront just west of Munising - which seems like a good place to be. And that's why we booked a reservation here after not being able to get into the municipal tourist park which is actually on the water. But search further on their maps, and you see it's actually EAST of Munising, and not at all close to water. I've adjusted the map here on RVParking to reflect the actual location, so hopefully others don't get tricked by this.

- We're kid-free full timers, and family oriented vacation spots are not our ideal location at all. When we arrived, there were tons of kids all over the place. Not pleasant or relaxing for us. If being around lots of kids isn't your thing, don't ever count on getting a chance at the heated pool. And be prepared for lots of sounds of kids playing.

- Many of the sites are situated so that your front porch and your neighbor's face each other. While there's lots of distance between them, this greatly reduces your feeling of privacy. If we had to stay here again, we'd request one of the back in sites in the back, those seemed to be the most private feeling and away from the pool and playground!

- The amenities here are seriously undersized and aged. Only two showers for each gender available, which is hardly enough on a busy weekend where each of the 87 sites has an average of 4 people on them - many of them tent or pop-up campers. The laundry room had 3 working washers and only 2 dryer (1 of which wasn't working all that great, requiring multiple runs to actually dry) - this caused a massive back-up, and had us up to 2am just to work our loads in. It's way too humid and shaded here to line dry.

- Most of the sites don't have sewer hook-ups (only a few do, they don't publish how many).

- Their electric hook-ups are just 30A... which is probably ok considering it's so shaded and the weather usually mild. We only had to run a single A/C for a couple hours anyway. But the price point for this place suggest far more!

- While the shade provides relief from the sun, it is VERY shaded. So shaded that we had to turn on all our lights during the day just to keep from feeling drab and dark.

- There is absolutely nothing in walking distance and you're a bit far from town, despite them heavily advertising the Cherrywood Lodge next-door as an amenity (so you don't have to cook!). The lodge had no sign of life during our prime season weekend stay.

- They advertise 400 acres of walking trails. We found absolutely none.

- This place is seriously overpriced for what it offers. At $40/night, we expect so much more in up kept and quantity of the facilities.

The AT&T signal was faint and 2G. There's a usable Verizon 3G signal that can be boosted in if needed. The WiFi, thankfully, was fairly usable.

We would actively avoid coming back to this location. And we seriously regret that we pre-paid for 3 nights here. Our disappointment of this campground seriously soured our entire Pictured Rocks exploration.

Date of Stay:
 August, 2012
Rate Paid:


Location is Fantastic - The Rest? Eh.

There just aren't too many options in or near St. Louis, and generally we 'driveway surf' with family and friends. But with the heat spiking this summer, full power hook-ups were needed to keep cool. So we headed to Casino Queen.

As with all locations, there were pluses and minuses, which I'll break down here:


- Fantastic location. The casino is right along the Mississippi River across from the arch, and the RV Park is set back a bit from the casino. You get access to the Metro for easy transit around town, and can walk across Eads Bridge to get to eating and attractions. We loved being able to walk to a Cardinals game, or taking a river cruise. We were here over the 4th of July, and this was a prime spot for watching fireworks and the air shows.

- Well kept amenities and reliable services. There's onsite laundry ($2/load) and a central bathhouse which are both clean, and requires key card access for guests. The water pressure and electrical was solid. We did have a breaker go out, and maintenance was there within an hour to replace it. There is a pool in the hotel that RV guests have access to, just make sure you take ID to the hotel front desk to get your key card. There's also a mini-mart in the RV Park where you can buy milk, juice, ice, bread, booze, etc.

- All sites are pull thru.

- WiFi useable. WiFi is available for an extra charge if you ask ($5 for your stay). It was generally fast and reliable. Which was good, because both Verizon and AT&T have iffy signals here.

- Security & shuttle service. Security is constantly roaming the entire facility, keeping present. Since this location is in East St. Louis, it really made us feel safe the entire time. Bonus: the security vans will give RV guests a lift to the casino, pool or Metro station - just flag them down.


- There are two sides to the park - one for big rigs with pretty spacious pull thru sites. The other for RVs under 38'. For overnights, the price delta is pretty huge - so if you can fit into a smaller site, it's worth the savings. For weekly's, they charge the same rate regardless. We were upset to find out that our friends were paying the same rate for their large site as we were for our super tiny one where we felt crammed in with our 35' bus. So if you're doing a weekly or longer, tell them you're 40' regardless - it doesn't make a difference!

- It's a parking lot with gravel 'yards'. It's very poorly laid out in our opinion. On the small RV side, the roads are so narrow, it's crazy. And the site so tiny that there's barely room to park your RV and a vehicle. There's very little shade. And whoever designed this park totally over estimated how many tiny RV spots they needed - as over half the small side of the park is for tiny trailers and truck campers, and most of it remained open even during the busy holiday.

- There's no grass at your site. Forget those pictures on their website, all of the RV sites now have a gravel yard. There is a grassy area in-between the sides with covered picnic tables and a playground, which was nice.

Tip: Coming in - study your maps and have a GPS handy and ready to go! This place is a challenge to get to! This area of town is under renovations, and there's frequent road and exit closures - requiring quick rerouting. Once you get closer, look for the square 'Casino Queen' road signs to help guide you in. But be careful, they look at lot like the 'Great River Road' signs that are often posted nearby each other. One wrong turn and you're going over a bridge into St. Louis or heading into East St. Louis. In our 2.5 weeks there, we managed to make it home only 3 times without getting lost! (And we're St. Louis natives and good navigators!)

(Rate below reflects our weekly rate)

Date of Stay:
 July, 2012
Rate Paid:


A great family vacation destination.. but not our style

Disclaimer: RVC Outdoors pro-actively contacted us and invited us to come check out this resort during our travels, free of charge. All opinions are our own, and they specifically asked us to be 'brutally honest' in our review. So we're being more critical and detailed than usual at their request.

This park is about 2 years old, and you can tell they have put a lot of thought and effort into being something different than your standard RV Park or Resort. This is a full vacation destination in and of itself. Not only do they have the RV parking spaces, they offer cabin and yurt rentals - which is fantastic for the RVer wanting to vacation with their non-RVing friends.

Also onsite is a beautiful saline pool overlooking the entire complex, a game room, a small gym, a huge covered pavilion with outdoor kitchen, frisbee disc golf course and boat/kayak dock.

The RV Parking Area:

While their RV area is not as bad as a typical RV Parking Lot style, it's not that much better either. The spots are right next to each other, however because of the 'curved' shape of the area leading down to the waterfront - each spot seems to be thoughtfully positioned so that your direct view is not of your neighbor's RV. So that was a definite plus over most commercial RV Parks that tend to be nothing more than a parking lot with pedestals.

The spots were wider and more spacious than most RV parking lots, but not nearly as spacious and private as something you might get at a public campground.

Also, there is almost absolutely no shade in the RV area, or privacy between spots - they have planted small trees, but it'll be nearly a decade before any of them provide shade or division. When you walk around the land they own, you start to wonder if there might have been other possibilities for laying out the RV lot to make it seem more like a campground. Especially when you check out the cabin area, where they have laid them out quite nicely with ample space and division between the lots. (Of course, after our walk through the woods and frisbee disc golf area, we found several ticks on us - so perhaps it's not a bad thing after all!)

On the positive: Each site is super easy to get into - they have provided ample angling space that even a novice RV driver should have no trouble getting into. We witnessed no one needing to give their approach a second try. And each space is spot on level. Each site provides a picnic table, BBQ Grill, fire pit, 50 amp electric service, water and sewer. All were strong, in great shape and modern. We did have a bit of trash on our site - mainly cigarette butts.

We were given a premium waterfront site for our stay there - and the views of the water were quite nice. While we had a direct view of the water, just as soon as we walked outside our RV we felt no privacy whatsoever from our neighbors.

The amenities:

Since RVC goes to great lengths to sell you on their amenities, we're going to be brutally honest about them.

1) WiFi. On their website, they advertise 'Free & Reliable WiFi' throughout property. Yes, the signal is there and their basic WiFi service is free - which the welcome page says is ample for checking e-mail and some light browsing. If you want WiFi capable of streaming video, you're asked to upgrade to their premium service. The standard free WiFi was barely usable for even checking e-mail, so we decided to upgrade for $4/day. The process to upgrade was insanely difficult, and once we did - our speeds actually DROPPED!!! We called customer support with Single Digits (their WiFi provider) and were on the phone with them for 35 minutes trying to diagnose it (they were pretty inept), to no resolution. They promised to have a more senior tech call us by the end of the day, but that never happened. They didn't reverse our $4 charge either - we've now had to put it in dispute with our credit card company. We posted a Facebook status update about our troubles with the WiFi, and Catherine's Landing did respond (kudos for the active social media guys!) and admitted that they only have a 1.5 MBPS pipeline coming in for the entire park to share. That's ridiculously little bandwidth for advertising reliable WiFi. They said they plan to double that soon, but in our opinion - that's still not enough.

Thank goodness we had good AT&T and Verizon 3G signal here.. so that we could continue to get our work done!

2) The Pool. The pool is gorgeous, and we really appreciate the saline instead of nasty chlorine. However, every time we went to use it - it was a kid-stew. And usually unsupervised kids. This park is a FAMILY vacation destination, and the kids were running all over the place while we were there. We tried to relax in the pool one evening just before closing time (way too early at 10pm if you ask us), and the kids were still overruling the place. And we were there on a weeknight, and the park wasn't even half full! We would have loved to make more use of the pool - perhaps some adult only swim hours are needed to balance the needs of the guests?

3) Gym & Wii Room. We checked out the gym, and it has 3 pieces of equipment. They appeared to be modern and in great shape - but hardly what we call a gym. We didn't check out the Wii Room, as again, it was full of kids. However, what really stood out to us was the codes they issue to use these rooms. It's 12 digits long!!! We really don't understand why a 12-digit code is needed. This location is so off the beaten path, it's not like folks from outside the resort will be wandering through. So why inconvenience your guests with such a ridiculously long code to use the amenities they are paying an arm and a leg for? Wouldn't an easily rememberable 4 digits suffice?

All of the other amenities looked great - the baths & laundry facilities are conveniently placed throughout the facility, and are very clean, modern and sizable. Laundry was a very reasonable $1/load.

The pavilion looked like a fantastic place to gather, and would be ideal for a rally or large meet up. There is even an ice machine if you need to keep your cooler filled (although at $3/bag - you may be better off going up the road to the convenience store.)

We didn't use it, but they also rent kayaks and boats. If we had been there longer, the lake looked like a great place to kayak.

Would we return?

On our own, probably not. When we're passing through Hot Springs, we really enjoy bath row - and have loved our previous stays at Gulpha Gorge campground (run by the NPS). It's nearly half the price for a waterfront spot with electricity, and a nice shaded 1 mile hike to the bath houses. The 7 mile drive & traffic to go take a bath from Catherine's Landing was a bit much to be relaxing. And on our own, we're just not drawn to family vacation destinations, so this isn't our ideal 'get away' spot .. and at $42/night, it's outside our normal comfort zone for a routine stay.

However, we would not hesitate to attend a rally here. This location seems ideal for hosting such an event, and very much provides the amenities and layout for keeping a nice community feel and providing plenty of onsite activities.

And for someone seeking a family vacation - this is an ideal location. So please don't let our description dissuade you if that's what you're looking for. We write this from the perspective of a full-time, remote working on the road, childfree technomadic couple... who was asked to come check this spot out for our own needs.

Our review is intentionally 'brutally honest' at the request of the staff of Catherine's Landing - we really do appreciate their social outreach, and asking for honest feedback on what they offer.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2012
Rate Paid:


Fantastically laid out!

This campground is very convenient to US-67 when moving between St Louis and Little Rock. Note: As of today, Google Maps does not yet recognize their new entrance, which is on the EAST side of the road not the west.

The campground is at the site of the Old Greenvile town, which was moved 2 miles north in 1941. It's main feature is the 'Trail of Memories' - the locations of old buildings that made up the town (quite fun to walk amongst.

The campground itself is very well laid out - ample space between sites. There are even 'buddy sites' where two RVs can park together - great for gatherings and reunions.

Unfortunately, almost none of the sites are waterfront or have water views of the river - very unusual for a ACOE park. But lots of trees and shade, and space between spots. We like that.

Solid 3G signal on both AT&T and Verizon.

For the price and convenience, an excellent stop over for us when moving between towns and avoiding interstates, and desiring some electricity. We'd not hesitate to return - maybe next time for more than a night.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2012
Rate Paid:


Beautiful - Great Stop!

This park is nicely laid out, leaving plenty of room between spots. Each site is clearly marked with its own gravel bed, picnic table, BBQ pit and some other sort of table (fish cleaning?).

Some of the water front spots were just absolutely beautiful. There's a public swimming beach, which was a pleasant treat after a day of driving.

The check-in staff were a bit lacking in personality... but they did find us a pull through spot to make our overnighting there easier. It would have however been nice had they given us proper directions to the spot - such as mentioning that we needed to approach it opposite of how traffic is directed in order to reach the hook-ups. The roads are awfully tight back there, and this would have saved us a lot of maneuvering.

Both our AT&T and Verizon devices had excellent 3G signal.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2012
Rate Paid:


Still our favorite Austin Park!

We just love love love this place. We came back to Austin just planning to stick around for a few days, and Pecan Grove kept magically having availability to extend our stay out to nearly a month. They even got us into a more spacious site than some of their typical transit sites, making our stay an absolute joy.

What a perfect location where we hardly ever had to drive. So many yummy eats within a block or two, walking around Town Lake (you'll need it after all the eating out!), access to Zilker Park and public transit. And there is so much free entertainment going on either in Zilker or Auditorium Shores, that you just can't get bored here if you tried.

The rates have gone up since we stayed here last - now $35-40/night, or $220-250/week. But for the location? It's absolutely worth it.

The free WiFi was useable on and off. And the AT&T towers seem to be a bit overloaded in the area, so cellular connectivity was hit or miss.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2012
Rate Paid:

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