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A great find!

Thank you thank you RVParking for helping us find this spot! We were traveling westbound on I-10 when traffic came to a complete halt. A tanker truck full of toxic chemicals had overturned, so traffic was re-routed up through Eunice.

After 4 hrs in stop-n-go chaos, we were tired. We pulled up the RVParking app on our iPhone and saw this spot nearby. We took a chance that they wouldn't be full (assuming every other RVer in line with us had the same idea) - and arrived to an empty campground.

It's beautiful - they have very long pull thru spots with full hook-ups, fast WiFi and a beautiful lake (most sites have a view of it). There's also a beach with a BBQ and bar, a dance hall for barn dances and community center. The staff here was most friendly, and this looks like it would be a fun place to return to.

We're very thankful that events led us here for the night - it was exactly what we needed to rest up to resume our trip in the morning.

And bonus? They take Passport America during the week... we got in for 1/2 price.

Date of Stay:
 May, 2012
Rate Paid:


Close to NOLA, but Remote

On previous repositioning from Florida to Texas, we’ve stopped in New Orleans – one of our favorite cities. Last time we stayed at the French Quarter RV Resort, which is an ideal location if your focus is exploring the French Quarter, as it’s in stumbling distance. The park itself however is quite pricey ($79/night) and not very scenic on its own.

This time through, our focus was work – so we took the advice to try out the nearby Bayou Segnette State Park. You can catch the free Algiers Ferry nearby to get into the FQ if that’s so desired.

Bayou Segnette was a delightful and beautiful park – the sites are huge with lots of open space around them, although most are not shaded. There was park WiFi, but we just couldn’t get it to connect reliably on any of our devices – but our cellular signals were strong and quite usable. Everyone we encountered at the park was super friendly - from desk staff, grounds keepers and fellow campers.

We did encounter quite a few bugs, including one evening a swarm of flying termites!! It was *insane* (but in a cool way.)

And the other surprise about this park? FREE LAUNDRY!! It only could have been better had they done our laundry for us!

We did end staying for a total of 5 nights. In that time, we never got into the French Quarter or to Jazz Fest. Sometimes you just have to let go and realize .. our full time lifestyle isn't a vacation, and it’s not always about seeing the stuff places are known for. So if you're intending to use this as a cheaper basecamp for getting into NOLA, just do be aware it is a bit of effort get into town.

Date of Stay:
 May, 2012
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So Large.. but yet still relaxing!

We had trepidation that this park would be desirable to us - 496 sites??

So glad we went ahead and stopped in. Yes, it's huge and so totally unlike what one might think of as a public park. Huge pool, laundry facility, full hook-ups, WiFi at sites and more. It's also pricey for a public campground (starting at $34/night for a basic site - on up to $41 for a waterfront).

When you reserve a spot here, it's for a basic spot only. When you arrive, you're then assigned your spot with the option to upgrade to lake view or lake front (if available). We splurged and got a lake front site along Live Oak St. Well worth it, if you ask us.

The sites were HUGE with plenty of space between them. We felt very secluded from our neighbors and enjoyed amazing sun rises.

The beach is about a 1-1.5 mile away - so don't think of this place as necessarily beachfront (which we were under the impression it was). The waterfront sites are against a lagoon.

We ended up staying 3-nights. The WiFi was undersized for the area we were in, but we were able to use our range extender to pick up a less used hot spot across the campground. Cellular signal was quite good.

We'd return - with aims to take advantage of the weekly rates.

Date of Stay:
 April, 2012
Rate Paid:


'One of Florida's Most Scenic Places'

Perhaps if we had read the park's description we would have been better prepared for how beautiful this place is. We had just randomly selected it as it was along our route and had availability over the weekend.

The campground is high on the bluffs overlooking the Apalachicola River (yes, bluffs.. in Florida!).

The campground is a huge circle (with a mix of nicely sized spacious sites and some quite small ones with little privacy – check the descriptions on, they are well indicated) with the front a public scenic overlook of the bluffs.

Cellular coverage was quite good here for both Verizon and AT&T, due to the bluffs. There is a washer & dryer available behind the full bathhouse, for just $2/load.

There's ample hiking here at the park, some of it rated quite challenging. We look forward to returning and tackling it.

The park is named for the Torreya tree, with this location being the last of the native habitats of this nearly extinct species. You may encounter a number of ecologists and botanists as your neighbors - which makes staying here extra interesting.

Date of Stay:
 May, 2012
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Old Style Florida Park

O'Leno is one of Florida's oldest state parks - and it's showing a bit. The sites are smaller than others in the state - with a bit less privacy between them. They're all in a basic circle configuration.

The road getting back to the campground is dirt, and pretty rough.. and a bit narrow. We were able to get our 35' bus back in tho.

The park itself - well, there's just not much to do. The swimming & kayaking has been shut down for a long time due to low water levels. There is hiking... which was nice.

Be very aware - the ticks here are a real problem. There's a reason there are signs posted everywhere, and strong chemicals sold at the ranger's office. In our few hours there, we each got one.

All and all, not a bad stop for a night on our way out of the Florida - but this isn't one we'd be tempted to route towards again.

Date of Stay:
 April, 2012
Rate Paid:


Stunning, Friendly and Amazing!

Warning: Stay away from this place!!! (cuz ya know, we want to come back!)

Former full time RVers, Pat & Cindy, run this unique motel, RV Park and Tiki Bar (yes, you read that right.. TIKI BAR!!!). It's really hard to describe this place, and we just didn't believe it until we were there.

There are 4 RV slots - all water front. There are 5 motel suites on site... each with color coordinated parking curbs & front porch lights. Seriously. And a Tiki Bar. Oh, and a dock out on the water for amazing sunset views and DOLPHINS!!!! There is so much care and attention that has gone into this place, it's unbelievable.

The resort is adult only - absolutely no kids allowed. It is refreshing to see a place take a stand and be a dedicated couple's retreat. And nice that 'adult only' doesn't mean 55+.

The RV spots are decent in size and setup so that hook-ups can be reached if you back in or go noise in - a nice touch!

(Ok Ok.. gotta find some bad stuff so you'll stay away and we can get in later. )

But really, these are just 'slots' to pull your rig into and not much distinction between spots - we felt little privacy. There are decks, hammocks and chairs along the water front for lounging (wait.. that's a good thing... oh crap, you're calling to book now, right??).

Hwy 24 runs right by this location, and there is considerable highway noise - as nothing is blocking it. That car or truck traveling 35mph every 30 minutes is going to drive you crazy !!! Horrrible, horrible.. stay away!!! The other downside is that if there's a lot of folks at the Tiki Bar (open Thur - Sun evening.. but the bartender is whimsical and opens it anytime he can sell a beer), your RV site can feel a bit like a party. OMG.. people! Friendly, awesome, amazing people! They'll want to **talk** with you! You don't want that.

Ok.. here we go. This will keep you stay way. The WiFi was not configured to work with our Macs, which was disappointing. Yeah.. that was miserable. You don't want to stay here. We had to resort to using our solid AT&T & Verizon 3G signal to get online. It was pure torture to have have to be online with amazing views like that.

All and all, we'll return - if only for the friendly service and unique atmosphere. Ya know... cuz the rest sucks. If you stay away, our spot stays open.

But if you do book here.. give Cindy & Pat a hug for us, ok?

Date of Stay:
 April, 2012
Rate Paid:


Quaint & Charming

We stayed here a week in one of the waterfront spot - absolutely delightful. The staff is super friendly and helpful, and the sunset views from the waterfront spots are worth the upgrade. The location is just a 1.5 mile walk/bike ride into town.

There's a cafe on site that serves BBQ, soft serve ice cream, breakfast (with fresh eggs) and grill fare for probably the most reasonable prices in all of Cedar Key. The facilities are kept in great condition.

Some things to be aware of:

- Most of the spots are quite narrow - 20' at best. Very tight maneuvering. Our neighbor had parked his RV a bit over the line into our spot, which made it extra difficult.

- When you book a waterfront spot, be sure to inquire about the state of the mangroves. Some of them can grow quite tall and block the view. By law, they can't cut them down - but they still charge for a waterfront spot regardless.

- There are public docks all around, but you have to cut through campsites to get to them. If you book a waterfront spot, know upfront that your spot is always a walkway for everyone else.

The park WiFi was hit or miss, even with our WiFi Ranger we couldn't keep it stable. AT&T was a pretty solid 3G signal, and Verizon 3G was in and out.

All and all.. we'd return and probably book a spot for a few weeks. Their rate structure is really quite flexible and gets cheaper the longer you stay. The rate below is based on a waterfront weekly rate in season, without taxes.

Date of Stay:
 March, 2012
Rate Paid:


Nice Place - But Winter Rates Overpriced for what it offers

A family member in the area turned ill, and this was the only location in the area we could get a monthly spot in last minute during the high winter season. We are grateful for that.

First.. the good:

- Quiet, friendly community
- Awesome management - extremely helpful, friendly and attentive
- Beautiful and well maintained pool
- Lovely lake in the front, very peaceful feeling when arriving
- Community organized activities going on all the time - swap meets, potlucks, game night, water aerobics, meals, pizza with Elvis (huh??). etc.
- Easy access to nearby Malabar Scrub conservation area with 500 acres of hiking
- Well kept, and easy to use hook-ups.
- While they are advertised as a 55+ park, they are lenient on the age - but still remain adult only keeping kids out.

Now.. the less than good:

Our cost for our spot greatly influences our expectations, and at $825/mo for the winter rate - this place did not merit the price tag. It is at least $100+ more than any surrounding RV park, and about $300/mo more than what we found to be the 'going rate' in the area. But this was the only place that could take us when we needed it last minute.

Here are things that had the price tag been lower, we might not be as critical about:

- WiFi is not included. If you want access to the park wide WiFi, you purchase it extra from another resident providing it at $20/mo. (A reasonable fee... but seriously, the park can't provide this?? )
- Cable is run to your site, but you have to pay extra for it - it's not included.
- The sites are rather close together, all in a row down the street. Beyond the lake in the front, this place is actually kind drab looking. All sites are grass with a concrete patio, and mostly level. Some have shade and a little landscaping. The plus is, they are extra long and you have a lot of wiggle room to position yourself front to back. Plenty of room for your rig, a vehicle and a trailer.
- Feral animals running around. Our supervised leashed cat was attacked while we were there by a stray cat. (She's ok.)
- No recycling. Only a single garbage dumpster for the entire park is available. And it's not exactly convenient.
- Laundry center is way too small for the size of the park. The long term residents boasted about how they will take all four washers, so that others can't work their loads in.

We would return here if needed, especially in the summer when the price is significantly lower.

Date of Stay:
 March, 2012
Rate Paid:


Our kinda place!

Don't expect anything fancy here. But do expect a great little community. The park itself is nestled in a pleasant forest in a quaint little town of Aripeka - right near the water.

Most of the RV spots are in a circle - a bit close together - all backing up to a shared communal 'yard' with horseshoe pits, fire pit, swinging chairs, etc. There's a picnic area that hosts a weekly breakfast, and frequent community gatherings. There's an site maintenance staff and shack with tools & equipment. The people here really care.

Electric is extra on top of the site price. The price is by far the cheapest in the area.. making this the most affordable place to stay.

It's nice to get off the beaten commercial path and get back into nature. Here, you're close to everything but yet far away.

Our 3G AT&T was a bit spotty, Verizon worked fine. The park has awesome fast open WiFi.

Date of Stay:
 February, 2012
Rate Paid:



With family now snow birding in the area, we came here to visit for the holidays. We sure are glad we didn't have to spend much time in this park as we were otherwise occupied.

The park is more a mobile home park with permanent structures. The RV sites are just whatever is currently open and are scattered throughout. Meaning your neighbors are likely full time residents in the area - and you're an imposition to them. We much prefer being neighbors to other RVers who get the transient nature of the lifestyle. Other RVers in the park were extremely friendly however.

Since the sites are designed for installing mobile homes, the hook-ups are not designed for RVs. On the site they assigned us, the water and electric were 150 + feet away from the parking pad. The park did bring us an extension cord, but it was only for 30 amps, so we were paying a premium for 50 amp service but not able to use it. The water spigots were in such disrepair that we had to use a neighboring sites to fill our tanks and then disconnect. The water pressure was so low that it took forever to fill our tanks.

The park itself has not much ambience or character at all. Just generic and blah. Our site was so barren and ugly, it was shameful. No grass, but a bunch of weeds with painful stickers that got caught on our feet, clothing and cat.

On future visits to the area, we will be checking out other options and will consider this a last resort. And to think, they charge a $3 'resort fee' for these amenities, on top of the daily rate. Just awful.

Date of Stay:
 December, 2011
Rate Paid:

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